Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

17 Jan, 2017 A2Zstory Editorial
facebook shortcut keys

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. Now a day, a lot of people are using Facebook. There are many Facebook shortcut keys which will help us to browse Facebook quickly.

  • alt+/ : Go to search box
  • alt+m : Send a new message
  • alt+1 : Open home page
  • alt+2 : Open profile page
  • alt+3 : Accept or deny friend request
  • alt+4 : Go to messages page
  • alt+5 : Open notifications
  • alt+6 : Go to account settings
  • alt+7 : Open privacy settings page
  • alt+8 : Go to the Facebook fan page
  • alt +9 : See Terms and Conditions of Facebook

These Keyboard shortcuts will help to improve your Facebook experience.

I Agree To T&C

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